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More and more small businesses are jumping onto the Tablet and iPad train. Surely you have been in a café and your order has been taken on an iPad. iPads and tablets are convenient, modern, easy-to-use and more important, portable! But from a business point of view, is it just trendy or is it actually going to help your salon?

You already have your hair salon computer software…

Even if you already use your hair salon software on the main computer at the salon, are you making the most of it? Let’s have a look on how connecting your iPad or Tablet to your salon management software can help you step up your salon’s game:

1. All the info, on-the-go

As a salon owner, you might need to be off-site some days during the week. So having your book with you can help you manage bookings anywhere if you receive calls, check what supplies you need to get, and see the staff roster for the day.

2. Avoid front-desk congestion!

Let’s picture this scenario: someone walks in to buy a shampoo, one of your staff members is waiting with her customer to pay for the services received, someone is calling your salon to book an appointment… and everything needs to be done from the ONE computer at the salon.

If you only have your Hairware software on your computer, you will only be able to do one thing at a time. Having your software on multiple devices will allow your staff to serve more than one customer, and even to complete transactions away from the desk: making a booking, looking up what shampoo the client would like to purchase or checking a client history for a client who is about to get their hair done.

3. Analyse your reports when you have the time

We can’t stress enough about how important for you is to check your reports. Your Hairware software collects important data every time it is in use. Reports contain very valuable data: which one of your staff members is performing the best (reward them!), or which others seem to just be “floating around”(motivate them), which type of services have been selling the best, which ones aren’t doing so well (is it time to make a promotion?) and much, much more! However, do you have the time to take a look at the reports when you are at the Salon? Is the front desk computer free for you to be reading data?

Having your data at your fingertips means that you can read it when is more convenient for you: maybe in the morning while you grab your morning coffee, or when you get home and have a quiet minute.

Taking a look at your reports and having a 5-minute staff meeting every morning can make a huge difference!

4. Keep an eye on your business when you are not there

Are you on holidays and want to see how your salon and staff members are performing? All you need to take with you is your iPad or Tablet, and check at the reports, book, and more while sipping a mojito!

5. Do some marketing work on the side

Your marketing and promotion activities are crucial for your business. Need to prepare a special Valentine’s day promotion and send it out to all your clients database? Having your software at your tablet means you can step aside and write an email or SMS whilst your staff members are serving customers and making appointments at the front desk. Spending that little time to prepare your marketing communications can make a big difference. For example, you send a promotion to 100 clients, and 5 of those recipients come in for a hair service of roughly $100 – that’s $500 you wouldn’t have made!

6. Collect client’s information easily

Collecting data from your customers can be frustrating for both you and them. They have to fill in the form by hand and then you have to struggle to understand what they wrote, probably ask them to fill in the fields they omitted and then enter it into the Salon’s system. That is annoying and time consuming!

Our Client Consultation App for iPad and Tablet make the task of grabbing clients details easier. The customer can simply fill in the form while they are getting their hair done (save time!), miss spelt info will be highlighted and required fields requested, and all the info will be stored automatically into your system.

7. Deliver excellent customer service in-situ!

Having your iPad and Tablet with you, allows you to have a quick look at your customer data before you actually start styling their hair. How do they like their coffee or tea (it’s the little things!), what treatment did they have last time (if they haven’t had a treatment for a while, might be a great opportunity to recommend one!), what colour did they had last time (do they want to go for the same this time?). Be proactive and add more services to the clients visit: upsell!

Knowing your clients is the key to delivering an amazing experience and getting recommendations!

8. Have all the info you need at the Colour Bar

You used to print the ”colour history” for your client’s, so you could consult and check how the last colour was, and take it with you to your client’s chair and to the Colour Bar. Often the dockets get lost and look tacky, etc. Having your Hairware software on iPad means that you will be able to discuss with the customer at the chair, note the information on their Client Card and storing the changes directly into the software saving you time at the end of the day! Keeping notes and saving information has never been so easy, going paperless saves you time and money.

Contact Hairware support team to see how can you connect your iPad or Tablet to your Salon Software.