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Client Cards

Transform the way you manage client information with our advanced Client Cards.
Ignite Client Card
Ignite Client Card
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Our advanced Client Cards revolutionises client management, displaying all necessary information on an easy-to-read and well-laid-out screen.

Client Dashboard

The client dashboard is a powerhouse of information, displaying key metrics such as Number of Visits, Average Days Between Visits, Reward Points, Total Amount Spent, First and Last Visits, Deposit Balance, and the Number and Value of Referred Clients

Detailed Client History

Every detail is meticulously tracked, from contact information to service and product purchase histories. Adding client history notes has never been easier.

Client Rewards

Manage client loyalty with several options including Reward Points, Tiered Pricing Levels, and a VIP membership.

Photo Gallery

Ideal for storing multiple client photos, perfect for “before and after” images.

Consultation Forms Management Seamlessly

Sent and managed through the Client Card system, ensuring all client information is easily accessible and up to date.

Better Marketing

Our unique client accuracy offers insights into the accuracy of your client data. Incomplete profiles are flagged on the appointment with an ‘i’, prompting for more details.

Accurate data boosts marketing and significantly enhances business value.

With our Client Cards, you have a comprehensive, user-friendly tool at your disposal, ensuring that every client detail is meticulously tracked, managed, and utilised to its full potential.

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