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June 2024


With SMS Deposits for In-Salon or Over-the-Phone Appointments
In-Salon and over the phone deposits by SMS are designed to assist salons in reducing no-show clients. When an appointment is booked, an automated SMS with a secure payment link is sent to your client. Once paid, the New red deposit icon deposit icon,  located the lower left of the appointment changes to white, notifying you that the payment has been made and the deposit has been applied against the client.

If you prefer to handle things manually, just untick the “Auto Deposit Request” option and choose “Let me decide when the appointment is made”, you will then be prompted to choose whether to request a deposit when making the booking.  A single click on the appointment gives you the choice to request or re-request a deposit at any time.

Simply set the deposit percentage or dollar amount, then select the services requiring a deposit, and you are ready to go.

We’ll take care of your online payments, HB Pay Online allows you to choose to pass on the credit card surcharge to you client or absorb the costs, the choice is yours.

The client card has received an update, from “requires online deposit” to “requires a deposit” All clients require a deposit by default. For special clients, simply untick the setting, and they will not be asked to pay a deposit.

Show Settings

To enable in-salon SMS deposits:

  1. Navigate to the “Appointment Book Settings”
  2.  then “HB Pay”
  3. Tick the “In-Salon SMS Deposit Request” checkbox.
  4. Choose the “Percentage or Dollar Amount”
  5. Enable automatically request a deposit by SMS or Let me decide when an appointment is made.

IMPORTANT: Requires HB Pay online payments, In the appointment book “settings” Then “HB Pay” screen ensuring there is a  HB Pay API key. If not, please contact our support team for assistance in setting up the online payment account.

Email Invoices

We have added the ability to send an invoice by email. Once the payment has completed, choose from; “Print a Receipt,” “Email a Receipt,” “Both Print and Email,” or “No Receipt“. When opting to email, the client’s email address will populate automatically. You can select the address or enter an alternative address. If an alternate address is entered, you will be prompted to update the client’s email address or leave it as is.

Re-printing receipts now includes the option to email them as well.

Note: Ensure the email setting are setup in “F2 – Setup”, then” 8- SMS & Email Setup”, then “2- Email Setup”

Automated Surcharges

We have added the ability to automatically apply weekends and public holidays surcharges to “services” or “retail items” or both “services and retail items.”

To automate surcharges, simply “Enable” surcharges and ensure the public holiday are setup correctly using the “Setup Public Holidays” button. The surcharge will then be charged once total is selected at the point of sale.

Surcharges complements the existing module, providing additional flexibility in pricing strategies.

Access surcharge settings within  “F2 -Setup” menu, then “4 –Markup and Surcharges.”

Auto Marketing – Google Review Link

Requesting a review is now even easier, simply activate the Google Review SMS in Auto Marketing and when, the SMS is to be sent. Then each client will receive a review request link after their next visit. The clients will only be asked for a review link once.

We suggest adding your google review request to your salon contact details in “F2 -Setup” then “1 – System Setup” then “1 – Salon Name”

Marketing SMS Preview

SMS messages Preview: When creating a marketing campaign using SMS, the message preview is displayed to assist with the layout and design.

EOFY Stock level Report

EOFY Stock level Report:  Stocktakes levels are now automatically captured in the final days of the financial year, with the last day levels closest to or including June 30 saved as the final levels. The NEW EOFY Report can be found under the stocktake reports.

Note: The stocktake levels are saved upon exiting the software between June 28 – June 30.

Appointment Duties Overhaul

Managing appointment duties is now easier with our overhaul. A keyword search has been added to streamline duty selection, and the selection screen has been extended to display more duties. The appointment book setting now includes “Duty Setup” for easy management.

View and Update Duties by Operator: Single-click on an operator’s name in the appointment book, then select “Operator Duties” to display and remove duties by an operator, choose “Go To Selected Day” to view or update it directly on the appointment page.

Repeat All Appointments

We have added the ability to repeat multiple appointments. If a client has more than one service booked , when repeating appointments, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to repeat all appointments..

Waitlist Notes

When adding an appointment to the waitlist, you can now include a note. Alternatively, you can add or modify notes by clicking on an operator’s name. Navigate to the “Retrieve/View Waitlist”, then selecting the client, and add or modify note as needed.

Bolder Appointment Fonts

The appointment book now offers the option to view service and client names in a standard or bold font. Navigate to the appointment book settings, then select “Bold Fonts on Appointments.”

New Client Flag

When an appointment is booked for a new to the salon client, the appointment is automatically flagged with the word “New” at the bottom right corner.

Walk-in Changes Made Easier

Changing Services for Walk-in-appointments:  Walk-in-Appointments now has the ability to change the services without needing to create a new appointment. Simply click on the appointment and select “Change Service.”

Email Setting Screen

We have added an email setting screen in “F2 – Setup”, then “8 – SMS & Email Setup”, then “2 – Email Setup” Ensure the email settings are correctly configured.


The Appointment book calendar now has arrows to make changing months easier.

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