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With SMS Deposits for In-Salon or Over-the-Phone Appointments
In-Salon and over the phone deposits by SMS are designed to assist salons in reducing no-show clients. When an appointment is booked, an automated SMS with a secure payment link is sent to your client. Once paid, the red deposit deposit icon icon,  turns white to notify you that the payment has been made and the deposit has been applied against the client.

If you prefer to handle things manually just untick the “Auto Deposit Request” option and choose “Let me decide when the appointment is made”, you will be prompted to choose whether to request a deposit when making the booking.  A single click on the appointment gives you the choice to request or re-request a deposit at anytime.

Simply set the deposit percentage or dollar amount, then select the services requiring a deposit, and you are ready to go.

We’ll take care of your online payments, HB Pay Online allows you to choose to pass on the credit card surcharge to you client or absorb the costs, the choice is yours.

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