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SMS Messaging

Maximize Your Impact with Cost-Effective SMS
SMS Marketing

Experience phenomenal returns on investment with our SMS features. From preventing no-shows using two-way appointment reminders to driving sales with auto-marketing and targeted campaigns, each message is a strategic move towards greater success. At just 10 cents per SMS, the value far outweighs the cost, especially when you consider how much missed appointments could cost your business. Unlike emails that may end up as spam or go unread, SMS boasts impressive open rates and swift responses, making it a superior choice for engaging clients and boosting your business.

Customised appointment reminders, not only remind your client of the appointment, they also update the appointment to be confirmed when replied back with “Yes” Add a cancelation policy link, or promotion or both to your reminder SMS to further grow and improve your business.

Client Chat, allows direct messaging and two-way conversation using SMS, through the client card.

Auto Marketing SMS, sends messages automatically to clients that have not returned and do not have a Future Appointment, for Birthday, First Visits and more.

Target Marketing allows you to select a precise customised list of clients to market to using SMS.

Not sure what to write? Use our AI Marketing Assistant powered by ChatGPT to create unique SMS messages and marketing campaigns.

SMS are used for Online Gift Voucher as well as Online Booking acknowledgments.

Just some of the other key benefits of SMS are:


SMS is less intrusive than a phone call


SMS has much higher read rate than email


Save time and money by not having to call individual clients to confirm appointments

Increased opportunity for your salon to fill cancelled appointments
Direct message your clients
Set and forget or targeted marketing
2 way Appointment reminders and reduce no shows
Affordable – only 10c per SMS

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