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Benefits of having Hairware on your iPad

More and more small businesses are jumping onto the Tablet and iPad train. Surely you have been in a café and your order has been taken on an iPad. iPads and tablets are convenient, modern, easy-to-use and more important, portable! But from a business point of view,...

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5 Top Tips for First-Time Salon Managers

Salon Management Tips for Running a Successful Business Running a beauty or hair salon for the first time is both exciting and nerve-racking. Embarking on a new adventure as a massive dream is being achieved while finding your feet around new responsibilities. It is...

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8 Social Media Tips for Salons

Level up your hair or beauty salon with these top social media tips. Social media is an essential marketing element to engage and connect to your targeted audience on a deeper level.

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Start making money while you sleep

Did you know that most of people book their hair and beauty appointments outside working hours?. In fact, a study shows that 48% of online bookings are made between 5PM and 5AM. And that is when your salon is closed.
If you aren’t offering your customers the option of booking online, you are missing out.

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6 Easy Steps to Be Resourceful During a Challenging Time

Business that can adapt and be flexible during difficult times are the ones who will thrive – sure it may be a roller coaster ride but with little to no options it’s time to take action.

This is a pivotal time for hair and beauty salons, having to rethink the normal strategies and to plan in ways you have never had to in the past; almost like a chance to re-start and create the changes you have always wanted.

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